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House Cleansing & Blessing

Protect your home, with a purging of the old and bring new energy.

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House Cleansing & Blessing

$500  /  In Person

$150  / Online

I love being asked to cleanse and bless new homes for my clients. There is a big sense of purging the old and bringing in the new energy that comes with a good house cleanse. 


Depending on the circumstances of the home, I can use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure your home is energetically pure and protected.

• Energy Vacuuming with pure light to cleanse out lower vibrations and entities

• White Sage

• Oil blessing 

• Crystal placement with intentions


I am happy to attend in person house cleansings for current clients of mine, for new clients’ remote cleansings via zoom are only available at this time.

Bookings are by request only, please use the contact form below for further information.

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