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Energy Healing

Clear, strengthen and balance your energy centres.

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In my energy healing sessions, my aim is to clear and balance each of your energy centres or Chakras, to obtain optimal mind, body and spirit connection.


This is a cleansing experience, if there are lower density vibrations in your auric field, I clear them, and discuss how to ensure they don't return. 

I like to begin my sessions with a quick sound therapy healing meditation. Whilst you’re in meditation I like to channel information from your guides/angels as to how we can better optimise your energy and if there are any blocks in your way of moving forward. 


You then lie down on my healing therapy bed, and I share healing light energy with each of your energy centres. If energetic blocks are present, I clear them, if your centres are in overflow, I balance them. We then have a discussion of any energy blocks that may have been present, what caused them and how to prevent their return, in order to move forward on your journey.

If there are any ancestral or family karmic connections stuck in your root centre, I will remove them. I then finish off with an energy protection and seal off your centres with protective light.


You will receive a report emailed to you afterwards on your session findings and any messages that came through.


I perform energy healings in person at my practice in Gladesville, and online via zoom. If you’re looking for a customised experience, I recommend attending a face-to-face session. Allow 30 minutes for an Energy Healing.

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