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Find peace, hope and healing.

Connect your mind, body and spirit to achieve balance.

Birth chart Reading

Energy Healing Sessions 

30 mins - $90 In person/Online

“Healing is a journey, it’s not some miraculous pill you take to instantly wake up anew…you become this magical, majestic, stronger, deeper and more soulful version of yourself.”


Healing can only begin with your will and intention to heal. Along your journey you may pick up new people, places and experiences that help light up your soul. When you’ve completely healed, you’re not who you were before the trauma changed you. 


You know you’ve healed when you look back one day and are grateful for your experience, no matter how hard it was. Because healing changes you, it transforms and enlightens you into a soul who is more aware of themselves and their purpose.


My extended intuitive healing sessions last an hour and can be experienced face to face or via zoom. I like to begin the session with an energy connection, I put on some soft calming music, and I take down notes based on healing information channelled from your angels and guides. We then discuss my findings, then I love to pull some cards from my angel prayers deck and intuitive oracle deck. The cards offer us uplifting and healing messages for your healing journey. 


I like to end the healing sessions with an energy healing performed on my therapy bed. I work through each of your energy centres, sharing light and energy with you. I identify any energy centres that are blocked and we discuss where those blocks come from and how to ensure they don’t return. If any negative energy attachments are found, they are cleared and a shield of protection is placed around you. I clear and balance each of your energy centres to ensure a balanced mind, body, and spirit connection is achieved.

The 30 minute session includes just an Energy Healing and discussion of blocks that present in the healing. 

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