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Suzy is an Australian Medium, Psychic, Intuitive Healer, Sound therapy Creator, Meditation Guide, Akashic Records Reader and Spiritual Guide. At the core of her values is her keen need to help others.

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My Story

From a young age, Suzy displayed high levels of empathy and maturity, often being called an old soul. She always remembers being psychic, seeing spirits and having conversations with angels/spirit guides and receiving visions from past lives. As she grew older her dreams and visions became stronger and she realised she was able to read people’s energy to amazing accuracy. As a child and teen, she suppressed her psychic gifts, as most people do, to fit in.


During the numerous lockdowns in Sydney, she revisited her love of meditation and started creating sound therapy music using sound frequencies and nature sounds. Suzy then begun teaching online guided meditation classes for those who needed stress relief during Covid. 


She found that her intuition skyrocketed the more she meditated, she started to see her connection develop, strengthen, and expand. She then was granted access to the Akashic records or the book of life. It was a chance meeting with a Sydney psychic that encouraged her to share her gifts with the world…and thus her business Meditate With Suz was born.


“I feel like I’m different to other psychics, in that I offer a comprehensive recording of your messages/guidance and photos of any cards I pull for you in your session. I really care about my client’s soul and spiritual growth. I feel that having something to look back on is really helpful for our soul growth and helps to keep us accountable.”

Suzy has the ability to access the Akashic records which is the ‘book of life’, which allows her access to anywhere, any person or time, without infringement on free will. Her psychic abilities can therefore help you with past life healing, connecting with past loved ones through mediumship and universal spiritual wisdom. 

In 2023, Suzy had the honour of acquiring Sydney's very first Unifyd Healing affiliated, Energy Enhancement System, and thus Sydney Energy Healing Hub was officially opened. Suzy helps to run both the healing hub and Meditate With Suz from her premises in Gladesville.


As a local Sydney psychic, Suzy’s practice is in Sydney where she conducts her face to face sessions, and also offers sessions via Zoom for interstate and overseas clients.

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