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Soul/Life Purpose Reading

Connect with your inner essence and regain your alignment.

Forward is the only trajectory here.

Birth chart Reading

Soul/Life Purpose Reading

“You know you’re in alignment with your souls purpose when what you do lights you up inside. You wake up every morning with excitement, purpose, and a mission. You feel like you when you do what you do.” 


One of the most popular reasons people come to see me is for a Soul Purpose Activation Reading. 8 out of 10 of those people are already fulfilling their life purpose. Society has programmed us to believe that if you enjoy what you do, it must not be serious enough to be purposeful. 


So most come for reassurance, and most have internal doubts due to self-limiting beliefs. 


These readings run for an hour, I like to start the reading with an energy connection, I put on some soft calming music and I take down notes based on information channelled from your soul record. We then discuss my findings, then I love to pull some cards to see if there are any blocks holding you back from achieving your purpose. I then end the session with an energy healing on my therapy bed, which aims at clearing each of your energy centres and identifying any energetic blocks holding you back.


After all, a life lived in alignment with your soul is a life well lived. Do you know your purpose?

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