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Medical Medium - Health & Wellness

Medical Mediumship aims to keep your mind and body in check

so that you can achieve complete harmony and vitality.

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Birth chart Reading

Health & Wellness

45 mins  /  $120  /  Zoom/FaceTime

Sometimes we just need that extra TLC when it comes to an all-over physical wellness exam. I am able to scan your body for areas of health improvement and identify any areas that are needing attention in order to prevent disease. 


As a medical medium, sometimes I also receive guidance as to which health professionals or natural remedies to pursue to obtain optimum health and wellbeing. 


Some people come to see me as they have been given a diagnosis and they’re still not getting better. I identify anything that has been missed and will send you back to your health practitioner with further guidance. 


Our angels and guides care for us and have a vested interest in our health and wellness. When I medium information about your health, they leave no stone unturned, from needing to wear more sunscreen to getting a prescription for steroids, there is guidance for everyone.


*All information I channel regarding your health is offered in addition to your qualified health practitioner, I do not take on any legal liability for information I provide you.

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